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Council of California County Law Librarians

During times of crisis county law libraries are available to help with accurate resoures for immediate aid, insurance assistance, government benefits, health resources and other information specific to disaster relief whether whether it is a wildfire, flood, pandemic or other disaster. The legal issues that arise can be scary, but we will do our best to help you navigate them. Have a legal question related to the COVID-19 pandemic? County Law Libraries are here to help… Ask a Law Librarian Statewide Chat Service – Chat with a law librarian in real time. Hours of service: M – F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm; Sat: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. COVID-19 Legal Issues Resource Guide – Created by San Diego County Law Library. Up-to-date guide for people seeking trustworthy information about legal issues arising from the pandemic. Links to government websites and reliable legal news sources related to employment, housing, small business, consumer debt, contract claims, government benefits, and other topics. Email or Call Your County Law Library – To ensure continued public access to credible legal information sources, many county law libraries are offering remote reference and document delivery service while library facilities are closed. Visit individual library websites for more information. Navigating COVID-19 Issues – A public information series by the Califorania Lawyers Association (CLA) . News and information about COVID-19 related legal issues – Employment, Housing, Federal and State Actions, Small Business Relief and More. Watch the videos on the website or on their newly created youtube channel.

During the 2018 California wildfires county law libraires disributed hundreds of print copies of Morrison Forester’s Disaster Relief Handbooks to fire victims who had no way of accessing the internet.



Small Business Relief: The coronavirus relief bill passed into law last week includes funding for forgivable loans for small businesses and non-profits to keep employees on the payroll for up to 8 weeks during the COVID-19 crisis. Check out the details from the Small Business Administration on who qualifies, and how to apply. Paycheck Protection Program

Renter’s Rights: If you’re unable to pay your rent due to the coronavirus outbreak, this video from housing attorney Diane Prado explains how to avoid eviction under Gov. Newsom’s eviction relief order – Watch Video. You can use a free tool to write a letter to your landlord giving the required notice, here: Use Tool and see more about your rights during the crisis with this resource list from Legal Aid Foundation of L.A. Unforseeable Circumstance Clauses in Contracts: Listen to the Audio Podcast from the Witkin Legal Institute