There are many ways to tackle any research problem. When a person is new to legal terms and the types of books and materials in a law library, the research process may seem almost too difficult. The law may even seem like a foreign language to you. This mini research guide is intended to help you learn the legal research process, with guidance on where to start and what resources to check as you research your legal problem. The sections of this mini-class are linked below so that you may skip to whatever section interests you.
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Learning How to Research
Finding Definitions for Legal “Language”
Using Self-Help Books and Websites
Other Starting Points (Encyclopedias, Practice Guides, Treatises, Loose-Leafs)
Looking for Codes (Statutes) and Constitutions
Finding Administrative (Regulatory) Law
Finding Cases (AKA opinions)-The Judge Made Law
Finding the Forms You Need
Court Rules
The Importance of Updating Your Research
A Few Other Sources to Consider
How to Cite Your Research
When to Stop Your Research